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Ghasem Modarresi received his PhD in TEFL at Science & Research University of Tehran. He received his MA in TEFL from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. He is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at Islamic Azad University of Quchan. His major interests include Testing and Assessment, Psychology of Education and Translation Studies.


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کنفرانس ها

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کتاب ها

Modarresi, Gh. (2012). General

     English for university

     students: A preparation

     course for BA & MA

     University entrance

     examination (2nd ed.).

     Mashad: Zarih-e Aftab


Modarresi, Gh., & Heidarian, A.

     (2017). Skills, functions, use:

     A preparation course for

     standardized tests (2nd ed.).

     Sabzevar: Khate Sefid

     Educational Group.


Computerized Dynamic Grammar Test (CDGT)